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Awareness & screening for
Reproductive health cancers.

Urgent cause

Screening for all cancer
patients from poor families

1100 people screened

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We stand to address emerging reproductive health challenges for women, girls, boys and men.

HealthAid Uganda since 2010 has taken courage to address the Reproductive Health challenges of women and men,
Cancer prevention and Control in local communities.


A Nation with Optimal Health for all
We envision a world in which all women, girls, men and boys can address the emerging reproductive health challenges through:

• access to information, resources, and services they need to enhance and protect their health and achieve their full potential;

• access to reproductive cancer prevention and control health services

• Contribute in and assume leadership of community movements to advance reproductive health and rights


HAU establishes long term relationships with individuals and groups to achieve optimal health for all.

HAU furthers this agenda by supporting and strengthening low level health workers, organized groups, education and awareness at the community, regional, and national levels, and by advocating for availability of improved reproductive health services and specifically early reproductive health cancer detection and prevention services.

In doing so, HAU brings local voices to national debates and in turn, makes national processes and policies more understandable and actionable at the local level

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